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Our UK office

Building on its' Norwegian heritage, Aker Carbon Capture has for a long time recognized that the UK is an important market for Carbon Capture and Storage. We have been working to establish a UK entity, since the creation of the company last year.

Aker Carbon Capture has a long history in the UK. We were the first to capture carbon in 2009 using our Mobile Test Unit, and won the first UK CCS competition in 2011. As a close to 200 year old company, the Aker group has invested in UK for decades providing engineering services as well as manufacturing and delivery of equipment from our various Aker companies located in London, Aberdeen and Reading. Over the last decade, we have conducted multiple studies for different industries.

Today the Aker group of companies have moved further and has a presence in offshore wind, hydrogen and carbon removal technologies through its Aker Horizons ecosystem and companies such as Aker Offshore Wind, Aker Clean Hydrogen and Aker Carbon Capture.

Our UK entity Aker Carbon Capture UK, has officially been operating since Q2 this year, and before that through the Aker Solutions group until Aker Carbon Capture was spun off as a separate company. We see significant growth in both the short term and long term as a result of the governments and industrial player low carbon ambitions, which you can learn about in the videos below.

Did you know?

When broken down by gas, UK emissions are dominated by carbon dioxide, which is estimated to have accounted for about 80% of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK

Meet our team

Jason Frost, Study and Commercial Manager (UK)

David Phillips, Head of UK and Investor Relations


Contact David and Jason at for more information.