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Carbon Capture as a Service

Carbon Capture made easy™

Full value chain CCS

in one service

Standard capture solution

covering a range of flue gases

Transportation and storage

embedded through strategic partnerships

Pay per tonne

CO₂ captured

Carbon Capture made easy

How does Carbon Capture as a Service work?

Pay per tonne captured CO2.

1. Delivery

Select the carbon capture service that fits your needs. Aker Carbon Capture will commission the carbon capture plant.

2. Operation

Aker Carbon Capture will operate the carbon capture plant and handle the transportation and storage value chain.

3. Growth

Expand carbon capture capacity by adding additional modules to the installation.

4. Flexibility

We understand that flexibility is key and have agreements in place to handle changes.

Does Carbon Capture as a Service fit my project?

To verify if your company and specific plant can benefit from the Carbon Capture as a Service offering, complete the below 2 minute initial screening survey.