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Just Catch Offshore™

Reducing the emissions from offshore gas turbines

120.000 – 360.000

TPA capture capacity

20-24 months

Delivery time

All included

in a single offshore module

Just Catch
Offshore design

Decarbonized solutions for the oil and gas industry are high on the agenda for both field operators as well as floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) leasing companies. The Just Catch Offshore module is tailored for new FPSO units, as well as offshore installations in general, reducing the emissions from gas turbines onboard. Just Catch Offshore™ can provide CO₂ savings above 90% and is both environmentally and financially advantageous, compared to other alternative decarbonization alternatives.


Our Just Catch Offshore solution is designed to ensure optimal energy utilization. Using gas turbines as energy providers allows for overall a very high energy utilization in an offshore process. The gas turbines produce more heat than electrical power, providing heat for both the offshore process, crude storage as well as for the CCS process.


The S26 solvent has been developed by Aker through an extensive R&D program for more than 20 years considering more than 90 alternative solvents. The selection of the chosen solvent is primarily related to low degradation, low emissions and toxicity aspects. For Just Catch Offshore this has many benefits. Not only is the solution more HSE friendly, but since degradation of S26 is 10 times less than monoethanolamine (MEA), make-up volume and waste reduced by 10 times leading to much less logistics around the operation of the plant offshore.


After feasibility, concept and FEED studies, delivery time is 20-24 months, gradually improving along with Just Catch product development and optimization of the fabrication line. The modules are delivered as one unit by Aker Carbon Capture, where fabrication yard will be selected in the same region as the integration yard. Equipment is purchased by Aker Carbon Capture and delivered to the fabricator that will be responsible for bulk material procurement and construction. Delivery is ex works, including MC/pre-commissioning.


  • Launched: 2019
  • Capacity: 120,000-360,000 TPA
  • Modularized and cost-efficient
  • CO₂ capture from offshore gas turbines
  • Small footprint
  • Ideal for FPSO operators
  • ~20-24 months delivery time
  • Complete CCS plant included in an offshore module
  • Low-cost alternative to offshore electrification
  • Retrofit potential