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Just Test

A complete carbon capture plant, mobile and modular


TPA capacity

Over 50.000

operating hours

R&D funding


Just Test Design

The Mobile Test Unit – Just Test, is designed and constructed by Aker and has been operational since 2008. The Just Test unit utilizes Aker’s Advanced Carbon Capture™ technology fully installed, meaning that results from test campaigns are scalable towards large scale plants. The Mobile Test Unit includes all functions as found in our large-scale systems, and is built for operation at a wide range of flue gases and locations. It consists of 6 units that can be easily transported for testing our CO₂ capture technology on actual sources of flue gas.


The Mobile Test Unit is not for sale, but offered as a service with plant, operators, transport, installation, test campaigns, analysis and decommissioning included. Our experienced operator team have been around the world testing on facilities in Europe and North America. The rental solution is transportable on road, rail and ship as all elements fit into ISO containers.

Risk reduction

Customers benefit from the Just Test option when planning for large scale implementations. Most customers in the mid- and large-scale market for carbon capture do not see standard monoethanolamine (MEA) based solutions as an option. The ability to bring an exact replica of a proprietary large scale carbon capture plant which has been run in parallel for 2 years with a large scale plant at the Technology Center Mongstad (TCM), provides a completely different type of risk reduction in the planning of a large scale plant.


While Aker Carbon Capture has used the Just Test Mobile Test Unit to qualify flue gas for the Advanced Carbon Capture™ process and develop full scale projects, our customers benefit from using this solution in their development and testing of new technology and solvents to reduce risk of large-scale implementation. We partner with research institutions such as SINTEF in the projects where we perform test campaigns.

Extensive technology application experience from multiple flue gases

Unique track record from Mobile Test Unit (MTU) – advanced CO₂ capture pilot.

8 flue gases

tested (high prices flexibility)


operating hours


data is paramount for technology qualification

Continously upgraded and developed since 2008

Natural gas

Risavika Gas Center

Photo: Risavika Gas Center


Longannet Power

Photo: Longannet Power


National NCC

Photo: National CCC

Natural gas & Heavy oil cracker

Dong CHP
Equinor oil refinery

Photo: Dong CHP Equinor oil refinery


Heidelberg / Norcem

Photo: Heidelberg / Norcem

Waste to Energy

Klemetsrud WtE

Photo: Klemetsrud WtE


Preem Refinery (ongoing)

Photo: Preem Refinery


Polchar (2021)

Photo: Polchar (2021)


Our Mobile Test Unit – Just Test has the same environmentally friendly solutions as you find in all the Aker Carbon Capture products. Not only does it benefit from the HSE friendly amine blend, S26, but also has installed key patented solutions for reducing emissions to air such as the Anti Mist System.